Robert Silverman. Pianist.
Robert Silverman. Pianist.

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There's lots to do here: music to listen to, videos to watch. You can find out about my CDs and how to get them. You can read about my upcoming concerts, and what's been written about my playing over the years.  

I love writing and talking about music almost as much as performing, and some of my articles can be found here. Plus, of course, between the bio and the personal page, you'll learn a lot about what makes me me. (Hint: I take my work as seriously as anyone on earth, but have never been able to take myself too seriously.)

So grab a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, bleibe, reste, stay, and enjoy!


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Beethoven Sonatas revisited.

Silverman never stops. A decade following the 10-CD release of the complete Beethoven sonatas, Silverman revisited the entire cycle, and a large number of them now in the process of being released.  Unlike the first set, these are live performances before an audience, in a recital hall, on a concert Steinway. And they document the pianist's never-ending artistic development.

Finally: Silverman's Long Awaited Schumann-Brahms recording

With what's going on in the shrinking CD world, this album of the Schumann Symphonic Etudes and the Brahms-Handel Variations could well be Silverman's final recording as a physical item. If so, it is a swan song: great engineering / editing by John Atkinson, Erick Lichte and Don Harder, a painting / cover design by David Lemon that perfectly captures the differences and similarities between Brahms and Schumann. [Silverman adds: "Hell, I even think my playing represents me at one of my finer moments."]



Silverman appointed to the Order of Canada - July 1, 2013

Robert Silverman has been appointed by Canada's Governor General to the Order of Canada.  This honour (comparable to Great Britain's OBE) is accorded to about 150 Canadians annually. The investiture is to take place in Ottawa in 2014.

Silverman's complete Beethoven Sonatas recordings again available

A completely re-mastered recording of the 32 Sonatas of Beethoven are now coming available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. Album by album for only $10 or less, or most of the tracks for a buck. At the time for writing, Vol. 1 (Pathetique and Waldstein, plus Op. 101) is up, with others to follow very soon.

The first appearance of these recordings since both pressings of the CDs sold out completely shortly after they were issued. The raves were many, but Fanfare Magazine said it all in a lengthy, in depth review: "These performances are totally musical; that is, the music is first, not the playing of the music. He plays them naturally, as if he has lived with them all his life. He has found the essential humanity—the tragedy, the humor, and the triumph—of these works, and revealed it to us with a sense of gratitude. Silverman plays these masterpieces as musically as anyone I have ever heard. I recommend these as highly as possible."

The original CDs were masterfully recorded by Stereophile editor John Atkinson, and accurately reflected what the microphones "heard" in the spacious Santa Monica living room.  Silverman says "The recordings now have more oomph, and as far as I recollect, are a more accurate reflection of what I heard while seated at the piano."

A Silverman legendary recording now available exclusively via download

Robert Silverman's long out-of-print recording of Bartok's Dance Suite and 14 Bagatelles, plus Frank Martin's 8 Preludes are now available exclusively via download from CD Baby. Read more right now by clicking on "Robert's Discs" or click here.

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